Standing Up to Domestic Violence

What’s immediately clear in Markie Hancock’s documentary about the origins of the Retreat, East Hampton’s domestic violence shelter, is that the three domestic violence survivors she features do not need anyone to speak on their behalf. What they need is to be heard.

Hospitality professionals discuss sexual harassment, discrimination in industry

Original article posted on, written by Tara Smith AT A MOMENT in society where there’s been a cultural reckoning around sexual harassment in Hollywood, politics and other arenas, the Lady Brewsters of the North Fork are turning the conversation inward on the hospitality industry, where they say harassment and discrimination are pervasive. The group […]

In 2/3 Of Mass Shootings, Gunman Has Domestic Violence History: Report

“Mass shooters are perpetrators of violence. Unfortunately, mass shooting events have many similarities to domestic violence incidents. They both function as a way for a person to gain control — sometimes in the form of vengeance or self-aggrandizement for those who feel entitled to power, but who in many instances feel aggrieved and imagine themselves to have been victimized.”

Adult Education is Key to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

The Retreat’s Project SPARK Offers Free Online Training During Child Abuse Prevention Month 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday. It’s time for our community to become aware of the scope of the issue, take actionable steps towards both preventing and responding to abuse, and create safer environments for the […]

Panel Discussion on Domestic Violence Set for Sunday at Sag Harbor Cinema

Behind Closed Doors panel discussion at Sag Harbor Cinema on October 24, 2021

There is perhaps no subject as taboo or difficult to talk about as intimate partner violence. Ruled by fear or shame, victims will go to great lengths to keep abuse a secret, even from a therapist or trusted friends and family members. Often, the public never knows someone is suffering — or only finds out […]

Macaroni Kid Hamptons .ORG of the Month- THE RETREAT

October is filled with school picture day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Fall sports, but October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).  It’s a sensitive subject that no one really likes to talk about or some are afraid to talk about but it’s real and it’s here.  The Retreat celebrates DVAM with information, stories, videos, and more […]

‘Sadly, Gabby Petito’s Story Is A Common One:’ Experts Speak

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and experts explain how to recognize signs of abuse. LONG ISLAND, NY — The image of Gabby Petito’s tear-streaked faced is etched into the hearts and minds of millions across the world, a new video unveiled last week capturing her trembling voice as she touches the scratch on her […]

Pure Good

Girl drawing on pavement with chalk.

The Retreat’s executive director Loretta Davis creates a safe space for victims of domestic violence. BY ADAM ROSANTE Reprinted from Purist Magazine ADAM ROSANTE: For anyone who’s not familiar, what is The Retreat? LORETTA DAVIS: The Retreat provides safety, shelter and support for kids and adults who are victims of relationship violence, abuse and/or sexual […]