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Join the Retreat team, knowing your work makes a difference right here in our community.

Safety Shelter and Support. Let’s get to work.

The Retreat values and is committed to providing compassionate, empathetic and culturally aware services to all clients/members. Interactions are approached with these values in mind, and it is expected that clients/members will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity during the provision of holistic, inclusive and welcoming services.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our shelter, we offer:

24-hour bilingual hotline, Individual and group counseling, Legal advocacy, Prevention Education, Finance management, personal development and job placement, An initiative working with fathers to prevent family violence, Classes to promote respect among teens, A shared effort to serve victims with mental illness, Anti-violence reeducation for offenders, Campus safety programs, Partnerships to prevent sexual violence against youth

If you think your partner is tracking you, you should reset your phone as if it were new. All of your apps will need to be reloaded. You will lose contacts, pictures, and text messages so if you want to keep them, you should save them first. Please seek assistance in doing this with your carrier or the Apple store.

Check out technology safe tips here for more help.

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