Community Violence Prevention Programs by The Retreat

Prevention Programs

The Retreat’s programs work in partnerships throughout the community to extend our violence prevention work.

Speakers Bureau

We understand that there is a growing need to provide education to not only our youth, but organizations as well, to better identify warning signs, and educate others to help those in need.
Our professional speakers not only share their life experiences.

Project SPARK

This community-wide effort will work systematically to address gaps in underserved pockets of Suffolk County by proactively seeking and identifying children exposed to violence.

Long Island Fatherhood Initiative

The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (LIFI) offers fathers ages 18 and older the information, skills, and practice they need relating to parenting successfully, maintaining healthy relationships and, obtaining and maintaining employment, self-sufficiency, and economic stability.

All of The Retreat’s in-school violence prevention programs are aligned with National and New York Health Education Standards and Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks and Dignity Act (DASA).

For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a workshop, please call The Retreat administrative office at 631-329-4398 or email

other services

We provide access to legal services and representation for domestic abuse survivors.

The Retreat offers counseling in individual, family or group settings.

We will assess your needs and find the resources available to you.

Located on Eastern Long Island, provides housing for up to 18 adults and children.