The Retreat Impact to the Community

Our Impact

Every donation, time, effort, or voice given to The Retreat has allowed us to reach out to many of those who are in need of help. Thank you for helping us come this far. Together, we have made and will continue to make a difference.

Let’s work together to expand our impact

2021 Retreat Stats


  • Hotlines (with Chat) up 25% over 2020
  • 53% Calls to Hotline are anonymous
  • Averages 10 calls per day


  • 3987 Safe Nights at Stephanie House
  • 90% come with children
  • 57% of residents in the emergency shelter are kids
  • 100% use additional services such as Case Management, Counseling, Advocacy, Financial Empowerment Education
  • 14% Spanish speaking only


  • 43% increase in clients as courts reopen
  • 9 Divorces resolved


  • 131 SPARK clients
  • 218 Fathers enrolled in intensive multi week programming such as  24/7 Dads and Understanding Domestic Violence Booster Series


  • 142 Teen Leaders up 25% from 2020 and 82% from in-person sessions in 2019
  • 291 In-School Presentations to 1922 Students
  • 67 Community Presentations to Police, Medical Providers, Dental Students and interested constituents
  • 25 Campus Safety Programs
  • 28 Rape Prevention Education (for students & adults)


  • 2372 Counseling Sessions (in-person, tele-counseling, or video counseling)

Our Impact

3,610 Hotline Calls

Responded to an average of 10 calls a day, with 53% remaining anonymous

Legal Advocacy

43% increase in number of clients as courts reopen

67 Public Programs

Customized programming for Police, Medical Providers, Dental Students and interested constituents

2372 Counseling Sessions

Provided in-person, via video and tele-counseling for adults, children, and groups

3,987 Safe Nights

Guaranteed safety at The Stephanie House, 85% of clients arriving with children resulting in 57% of residents being kids

142 Teen Leaders

Teens choosing to become ambassadors for healthy relationships: 25% increase over 2020 and 82% increase from 2019 in-person sessions

College Campus Safety Programs

Spreading awareness to 519 college students and 1025 community members

5,838 Middle School & High School Students

Created 291 educational workshops for grades 3-12

218 Fathers Educated

Helped raise awareness to fathers and promoted healthy family relationships

Stay Informed

Our hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

Chat with us Live

Chat services are available 24-hours a day for basic information. To speak to someone in detail, call our hotline.

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