The Retreat Impact to the Community

Our Impact

Every donation, time, effort, or voice given to The Retreat has allowed us to reach out to many of those who are in need of help. Thank you for helping us come this far. Together, we have made and will continue to make a difference.

Let’s work together to expand our impact

2020 The Retreat Community

  • Majority of our residents are under 16 yrs. old
    Greater than 55% of residents are under age 16 at The Stephanie House
  • Residents are in need of more resources
    Clients are down by 12.24% but units of service increased 56.51%,  meaning people need more resources
  • Increasing number of Teen Leader Sessions
    Team Leaders sessions increased 120% with attendees growing to 114  teens thanks to Zoom
  • More residents are showing up to their counseling sessions
    Counseling no show rate decreased to 17% from 25% thanks to the convenience of phone/video sessions
  • Orders of protection continue to be successful
    Orders of protection with Retreat support had a 90% success rate
  • More fathers are completing the fatherhood program
    Full completion of Fatherhood workshops was attained by 77% of the participants.
  • Family counseling is more active than ever before
    Family Counseling is now up to 157%

2020 COVID-19 Impact

  • Overall number of clients down 25%
  • Hotlines down 15% but Police Reports up 28% (people afraid to call)
  • Number of Shelter clients down 40% but stays are only down 18% (longer stays & Quarantine room)
  • Legal Accompaniments down 66% because of the closing of courts
  • Fatherhood: Number of overall participants down by 56% but contact with those men up 105% (double)
  • In looking at all the services we provided throughout 2020, 10% of the time was directly related to COVID or Emergency Food/Clothing/Fees

Our Impact

3,476 Hotline Calls

Responded to an average of 9 calls a day

1,100 Safety Plans

Hundreds of safety plans created and executed

Public Programs

Reached 8,468 people through various programs

Counseling Sessions

Provided sessions for adults, children, and groups

4,906 Safe Nights

Guaranteed safety at The Stephanie House

36 Educational Videos

Facilitated outreach and added 8 different types of software

2,756 College Students

Spread awareness to college students in the community

5,087 Middle School & High School Students reached

Created educational events for grades 3-12

290 Fathers Educated

Helped raise awareness to fathers and promoted healthy family relationships

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If someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

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