Abuse is NOT a Black Eye

How do you know if you, or someone you love, are being abused?  Abuse can come in all forms and is not strictly defined as physical violence- that is, it’s not just a bruise or a black eye. New York state defines a domestic violence survivor as someone whose current or former intimate partner does […]

DV, IPV, Abuse: What Does It Mean?

You may have heard domestic violence, intimate partner violence, relationship abuse, and other related terms used interchangeably. You also may be wondering, “what language should I be using to describe abuse in relationships?” Historically in the U.S., abuse in relationships has been represented by solely categorizing husbands as abusers and wives as victims. The term […]

Navigating Healthy Relationships During COVID

Navigating relationships during normal circumstances can be difficult, so figuring one out during COVID is no easier. I’m no expert, just a 20-year old college student living life, but from the way marriage sounds, being locked up inside with your partner 24/7 doesn’t sound like it would be the most ideal situation. Not to mention […]

Types of Abuse

Domestic abuse is any type of behavior done to an intimate partner or relative that makes them have power over the other. These actions can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, and spiritual. Physical Abuse This is the most recognized form of abuse. It includes physical behaviors including hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, burning, strangulation, damaging personal […]

Why Stay? Why Leave?

People who are not familiar with abusive relationships have a hard time understanding why someone would stay in one. Typically, the first thing they ask is “Why don’t they just leave the abuser”? There are several reasons why someone continues to stay in an abusive relationship, and what we are seeing is one powerful reason […]

Hotline: Not Just For Those Who Want To Leave

For many people who might be in abusive relationships, taking the step to call a domestic violence hotline number might save their lives. But they don’t need to be at a breaking point or experiencing a life-threatening crisis to make the call. (In fact, if they are in extreme danger, they should call 911 before […]

Southampton Youth Board Honors Retreat Teen Leader

Reece Nugent

The Southampton Youth Board is proud to honor Southampton residents who have volunteered their time, energy, and expertise on behalf of youth who are living and being raised in the Town of Southampton.  The popular saying that “It takes a Village To Raise a Child” is well used, but so very true.  No child is […]

Vicki Cooper Recognized for Leadership by Long Island Business News

Congratulations to Shelter Director Vicki Cooper on being honored as one of Long Island Business News Executive Circle Awards winners. The Executive Circle Awards celebrates c-suites, directors and other senior level executives who consistently demonstrate remarkable leadership skills, integrity, values, vision, commitment to excellence, company performance, community service and diversity. Vicki accepted her award at a virtual […]

Increasing Access for Victims

The Retreat Adds Chat Function to Website The Retreat staff is now available by chat to offer information and support to those who have been impacted by abuse and sexual assault. Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before. Sometimes it’s hard to describe how […]