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Shelter Advocate-Nights & Weekends

Job Summary

The Shelter Advocate maintains the safety and confidentiality of all residents of a 24-hour Domestic Violence Shelter.

Oversee all activities at the house on assigned shift.

  • On average, 3 security walkabout checks should be completed during an 8 hour shift.
  • Ability to quickly assess an emergency wherever it occurs, i.e., client room, living room, basement, outside grounds, etc.
  • Ability to lead a fire drill or emergency exit from the shelter to our designated meeting spot outside the shelter.


  • Enter client information and activities into the client database to ensure proper record-keeping and statistical data collection.
  • Attend staff meetings and training.
  • Ensure the physical safety of the residents of the house and report any non-emergency problems in the shift log.
  • Call the on-call manager for guidance on any and all Shelter Emergencies
  • Follow the nightly procedure of setting the alarm, confirming clients are present and checking halls, doors, and thermostats.
  • Answer crisis hotline calls, and process paperwork associated with them.
  • Ensure that client logs are completed (transportation, sign-in/out)
  • Initiate and process incident reports when necessary.
  • Communicate with clients with dignity and respect.
  • Do intake of new clients and family be sure to copy any important papers and follow the full Intake Checklist.
  • Upon intake, notify DSS emergency services of the client’s arrival.
  • Assign a locker to all clients.
  • Maintain awareness at all times of who is in the building and who is not.
  • Oversee that all chores are being done consistently and that clients are carrying out house guidelines.
  • Transport clients when needed.
  • Assist clients, when necessary, with wake-ups for school, etc.
  • Clean rooms when the client has left, and do any house laundry; read room for next client.
  • Carry out conflict resolution with empathy and confidence, always documenting the incident.
  • Maintain a clean staff area.
  • Maintain professional boundaries with clients at all times.
  • Covering emergency needs for fellow Team Members as they come up and as you are able.
  • Cover holidays when the office is closed.
  • Sort and organize donations as they arrive.
  • Complete any tasks, projects, or duties that management requires during your shift.


  • High School Diploma required. Undergraduate degree preferred.
  • Proficiency in Excel and Word
  • Reports to the Assistant Shelter Director and Shelter Director
  • $19 – $22/hourly
High school diploma, degree required. Undergraduate degree preferred.
Requirement Skills

Email your resume and cover letter to
The Retreat’s Human Resources department.

Employment Type
Full Time
East Hampton

Retreat Inc. (“The Retreat”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The agency values and is committed to providing compassionate, empathic and culturally aware services to all clients and members. Interactions are approached with these values in mind, and it is expected that clients and members will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity during the provision of holistic, inclusive and welcoming services.

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