Assistant Shelter Director

Job Summary

The Assistant Shelter Director is responsible for assisting in the development and administration of programs, and helping to manage the shelter facility and premises.

The Retreat’s residential shelter is a 24-hour facility for survivors of domestic abuse. The primary responsibilities are to protect the confidentiality and ensure the safety of all clients.

Some nights, weekends, and holidays may be required.


  • Manage and assume responsibility for projects assigned by the Shelter Director that might involve other team members.
  • Ensure that the Shelter is supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and run with safety, care, and efficiency through the oversight of the staff schedule.
  • Support, train, and monitor the night and weekend shift workers.
  • Monitor the logging of each day’s activities for appropriate details, providing follow-up and feedback as needed.
  • Assume the role of shelter worker when or if a shift is unable to be filled and all other means of emergency coverage have been unsuccessful.
  • Provide on-call management two weeks of each month to night and weekend staff when emergencies arise.
  • Procure and inventory food, supplies, and other services within the operating budget as needed.
  • Participate in agency informational and fundraising events.
  • Monitor distribution of donations to clients, and ensure proper documentation for client and administration files.
  • Maintain records regarding fire safety (drills, inspections, etc.) Office of Child and Family Safety, and shelter vehicles (registration, inspection, maintenance).
  • Ensure that all HR, Finance, Food Training, Certificate requirements are met and that reports are submitted to the Shelter Director in a timely manner.
  • Conduct room checks for necessary repairs and cleaning as needed.
  • Conduct weekly house meetings.
  • Review individual incident reports with the clients.
  • Organize client chores and ensure they are being completed.
  • Maintaining organization of client donations, storage areas, and client records.
  • Manage the intake process and records for shelter clients.
  • Act as Shelter Director when the director is not available.
  • Oversee that all policies and procedures are followed at the shelter.
  • Assist in maintaining a full bed count of residents to ensure adequate funding. Follow up on clients in the “In Consideration” folder to ensure everyone is being followed up with and screened for shelter.
  • Process hotline intakes when hotlines are answered at the shelter including data entry.
  • Enter client information and activities into the client database to ensure proper record keeping and statistical data collection.


Preferred Bachelors or equivalent degree in a related field.

Experience in Human Services Administration

Must be a caring individual who is an empathetic listener

Must be a pragmatic and well-organized problem solver, and able to work well under pressure.

Must foster a culture of respect and trust among clients, staff, volunteers, and co-workers.


Fluent in Word, Excel, and Google Docs.

Excellent ability to multitask and organize time management.

Good leadership skills and a positive attitude.


Requirement Skills

Email your resume and cover letter to
The Retreat’s Human Resources department.

Employment Type
Full Time
East Hampton

Retreat Inc. (“The Retreat”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The agency values and is committed to providing compassionate, empathic and culturally aware services to all clients and members. Interactions are approached with these values in mind, and it is expected that clients and members will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity during the provision of holistic, inclusive and welcoming services.

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