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Organize Shelter Donations


Undisclosed Location

Job Summary

Organize Shelter Donations at The Retreat

The Retreat’s Stephanie House Shelter regularly receives donations of clothing, toys, and toiletries. Volunteers are needed to sort through donations and store them in the designated closets and storage areas for use by staff and clients. 


Volunteers sorting donations must be comfortable doing this task on their own.
This position requires fingerprinting.

Things to know before becoming a volunteer

All volunteers must attend a Volunteer Orientation program.

In order to ensure the safety and security of our clients and staff, all positions working directly with clients or in our residential shelter require fingerprinting and a background check.

Volunteers who are interested in being trained to answer the 24-hour hotline must commit to a regular volunteer schedule of at least six months and complete in-person training during The Retreat’s regular office hours.

You must have your own transportation to The Retreat.


more ways to help

Share your time or talents with us. Help make a difference in their lives.

Support our operations so we can help people in need. Donate or buy preloved.

Donate to the Shelter to help us continue providing safe rooms for many in need.

Plan your outreach with us. Share your company's time and talents to uplift others.

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