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Clean Out Your Closets



Job Summary

The “Marie Kondo” in All of Us 

Spring is around the corner, the perfect time to clean out your closets and encourage your friends to do the same. Host a virtual gathering to engage everyone in The Retreat’s mission and persuade them to clean out their closets and donate their  gently used clothing, shoes, handbags, and other accessories to the Retreat Boutique. It’s tax-deductible, too! Donations can be dropped at the store by appointment. 


Host a closet cleaning party:

  • Develop guest list and determine theme, if any 
  • Willingness to send invitations and host in-person event   
  • Technical capability to send a Zoom invitation and host Zoom gathering, if preferred
  • Follow up with attendees; ensure donations reach Retreat offices  
  • Provide attendees with Donation Inventory List for tax deduction 
  • Take photos; post on social media

Things to know before becoming a volunteer

The Retreat Boutique is looking for gently used fashionable items to sell.


Volunteer Coordinator at or call 631-329-4398.

more ways to help

Share your time or talents with us. Help make a difference in their lives.

Support our operations so we can help people in need. Donate or buy preloved.

Donate to the Shelter to help us continue providing safe rooms for many in need.

Plan your outreach with us. Share your company's time and talents to uplift others.

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