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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

East Hampton’s The Retreat works on prevention from the ground up. By Jenna Lebovits, The Purist In the ’80s on the East End, talk of domestic violence was hush-hush. Pastors, therapists and school employees offered quiet, underground support. Resources in the region were scarce, yet vital, for abuse survivors, so a grassroots movement began: In […]

Teaching Teens How to Ask for Help

By Christina, a Retreat Volunteer and College Student In light of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the Retreat’s Teen Leadership Council (TLC) received training on how to ask for help when experiencing unhealthy or abusive behaviors in relationships. TLC learned to make a Resilience Plan consisting of three different groups of people–parents/other trusted adults, peers, […]

Students Shine a Light on Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Michelle Trauring on Feb 21, 2024 | SEE THE FULL ARTICLE SPREAD HERE. A hot topic of conversation among Salome Galindo and her girlfriends at East Hampton High School is, perhaps unsurprisingly, love found and lost, and the relationships they immerse themselves in. She can say, with certainty — through what she’s learned as […]

Art+Activism: Empowering Student Voices During Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

The Retreat and The Watermill Center present a unique opportunity for high school students interested in positively impacting their community. Art+Activism: Social Justice Makers will be held at The Watermill Center on Tuesdays in February from 5:30 to 7 PM.

Students participating in Art+Activism: Social Justice Makers will draw inspiration from the work of Artists-in-Residence at the Watermill Center who have utilized art to express their voices and work together to harness the power of art as a means for social change. The series will culminate in a final project showcasing work created by the students at The Watermill Center, with the goal of bringing attention to Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February.

“We’re excited for students to embark on this transformative journey as they delve into the powerful combination of art and activism,” said Courtney Hyland, Associate Director of Education. “The Retreat works to empower young people of all ages, including through our Teen Leadership Council, and we’re always looking for new ways to engage our youth leaders in community initiatives. This program does just that, while aligning with our mission to promote respect and prevent abuse.”

From Ava Locks, Education and Public Programs Manager at The Watermill Center, “Our Art + Activism program introduces teens to Artists who are driving social change through their creative practice. We are thrilled to expand our enduring partnership with The Retreat and to support the vital work of their Teen Leadership Council. I hope these workshops will ignite their sense of agency as community advocates and creative thinkers.”

The Retreat and The Watermill Center have been collaborating for over 10 years.

“The Watermill Center has generously invited Retreat clients and staff to use its space and programs to create and inspire. Our shelter families have participated in fun and educational experiences, and they have found healing through these programs,” said Loretta K. Davis, Executive Director of The Retreat. “The students in our Teen Leadership Council have also benefited from advocacy and art projects there.”

Students who actively participate in Art + Activism will be granted community service hours.

“This is a unique opportunity for teens to use their voices in empowering and artistic ways. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or someone eager to learn about social activism, Art+Activism is designed for you,” said Hyland.

Registration is here:

Teen Leader: Why TLC is Important

Teen Leadership Council group photo

By Christina, a Retreat Volunteer and College Student As a college senior, I am not exactly a high schooler, yet I attend the Teen Leadership Council (TLC) meetings as a volunteer and intermediary for the students. These meetings have impressed me in countless ways thus far. Primarily, the students are very well-versed in the signs […]

Loretta Davis Celebrates 8 Years at The Retreat

On January 26, 2023, Executive Director Loretta Davis celebrated her 8th year working at The Retreat. In honor of this work anniversary, we profiled Loretta in our Spotlight series and on our blog. We are grateful for her dedication to The Retreat and steady leadership as we strive to end the cycle of abuse.

Talking Makes a Difference

Talk About It, this year’s theme for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, engages everyone in conversations about healthy relationships and how to navigate what may be an unhealthy or abusive relationship. For those who have only been in or seen unhealthy relationships in their lives, talking about those behaviors is important because they may not […]

Why Are We Wearing Orange?

On Tuesday, February 8, we will be wearing and displaying the color orange in order to raise awareness about teen dating violence and promote the resources available to youth. Tell your colleagues, friends, and family why you are wearing orange and share information with them.

2022 Art Contest

The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence is holding its annual Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month art contest to raise awareness about the issue. The 2022 contest, with the theme of “Know Your Worth” is open to anyone in New York State between the ages of 12 and 20. Submissions will be accepted until […]

Why We Need Awareness

In the United States, the highest rates of rape and sexual assault are experienced by teens ages 12 to 19.  1 in every 3 teens in the US will be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused by someone they are in a relationship with. Nearly half (43%) of college women report experiencing violent or abusive dating […]

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