Sexual Predators are Not The Boogie Man In the Closet

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Headline from February 24, 2020: Harvey Weinstein Is Found Guilty of Rape.

After deliberating for five days, a jury convicted Weinstein of two of five criminal charges: one count of criminal sexual assault in the first degree and one count of rape in the third degree. On a side note…Harvey Weinstein won countless awards during his prestigious career, including an Academy Award for best picture. 

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape are not about sex. Or about clothes, flirting, or partying. It’s about power and control. It’s a show of dominance. 

Speak Out

Sexual harassment and assault is a societal problem. There is nothing new about this type of assault, it has just been brought to the forefront after too many years of ignoring it. Miramax mega-producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a serial abuser of women. The audio in which he admits to groping a woman’s breast, and explains that he “can’t help it”, and that it’s “what he’s used to” is chilling. His casual mistreatment of women is something that hits home for all women. The strength of the women that have come forward has set off a chain reaction. Women are speaking up and speaking out. 

We were taught at a young age to never speak to strangers, or go into cars with scary men. What we were not taught was the person that might assault you, or harass you, or rape you, could be the handsome friend of a friend, or your boss who you looked at as a mentor.

This is not to say we should walk around in fear of everyone. We should walk strong and confident. Most people are kind and would not hurt others. What it does say is that when we look at someone as a role model or the cute guy in class who everyone loves, we need to know it is possible that they are what we fear…the boogie man in our closet. 

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