Retreat Educators Present at the Beau Biden National Conference To Protect America’s Youth

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The Retreat’s Education Department presented at the Beau Biden National Conference to Protect America’s Youth on June 28th. The conference featured more than 60 speakers and experts on child welfare, abuse, the law, youth, and more, with the goal of providing advice and a plan for preventing and responding to child abuse in any community.

Retreat educators Lauren Ameruoso and Anastasia Karloutsos taught Respect Starts Here: Strategies for Engaging Young Adults in Abuse Prevention Conversations, which invited educators and youth-serving professionals to engage in these conversations as well as provide them with strategies to engage young adults in these conversations.

Retreat educators Lauren Ameruoso and Anastasia Karloutsos presented at the Beau Biden Foundation’s
Conference: Protect America’s Youth.

The workshop included interactive activities, such as identifying healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behavior through card sorting and an anonymous power dynamics and consent Mentimeter. These exercises helped participants explore ways to promote healthy relationships and equip young adults with the tools they need to identify and respond to abusive behaviors. 

Joining from all over the country, participants learned how to build safe and courageous spaces for youth that encourage open and honest discussions about sensitive topics, such as boundaries, consent, and healthy relationships.

By the end of the workshop, they were empowered to share strategies with youth to prevent abuse and promote respect in all relationships.

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