Retreat Boutique is a Community Resource

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Grand Opening of The Retreat Boutique in 2003

In 2003, The Retreat Boutique Thrift Store opened its doors in Southampton (pictured here). Nearly 20 years and a few address changes later, the store continues to be an important presence in our community. Not only is it a source of income for The Retreat, but it is also a resource for all.

There are many days when we find ourselves talking to customers about what The Retreat does. They may be visiting the area and not aware of our services or they may be long-time residents who have not had the need for our services. In both instances, it gives us the opportunity to talk about domestic abuse: who it affects (everyone), where those affected live (everywhere), and that most abuse isn’t physical but psychological, emotional, and financial.

Our current clients frequently shop the store using gift certificates provided by The Retreat so that furnishing a new home, finding clothes for a job, or getting themselves a treat doesn’t have a financial impact on their lives. We are thrilled to help them find exactly what is right for them. 

Probably the most rewarding part of being a part of The Retreat Boutique is when a former client visits us. We love hearing their stories and how they have moved on to a new, safer, and happier life.

Over the years, The Retreat Boutique has become the premiere thrift shop in the Hamptons. It is a place where donors become shoppers, shoppers become donors, and people become friends. Our welcoming staff will guide you through our selection of designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, and shoes at amazing price points. We carry many men’s items including jeans, jackets, shirts, and outerwear from brands such as Zegna, Paul and Shark, Polo, and Burberry. 

Every sale, donation, and volunteer hour supports the free services we provide to those affected by violence and abuse. 

The Retreat Boutique is open daily from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm.

We are located in the Bridgehampton Commons across from TJ Maxx

For information on donating or volunteering, call 631-537-3845 or email.

Follow the Boutique on Instagram @theretreatboutique and The Retreat @allagainstabuse. Join our email list.

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