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Long Island Safer Bars

three white women in their 20s in front of a brick wall

Everyone should feel safe when they are out for a fun night. We train the staff at bars and restaurants to make sure you can do just that.

Enough is Enough

New York State instituted Enough is Enough to protect the state’s college students from sexual assault. The Retreat’s educator works with students on the SUNY Farmingdale campus.

Speakers Bureau

We understand that there is a growing need to provide education to not only our youth, but organizations as well, to better identify warning signs, and educate others to help those in need.

Project SPARK

This program works with children who have witnessed domestic abuse and their non-abusing parent or caregiver, providing counseling and support.

Long Island Fatherhood Initiative

The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (LIFI) offers fathers ages 18 and older the information, skills, and practice they need relating to parenting successfully, maintaining healthy relationships and, obtaining and maintaining employment, self-sufficiency, and economic stability.

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