Intentional Tech

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By Helen Atkinson-Barnes, Education Director

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Technology has benefited so many people, made us more productive as a society, and connected us all during the pandemic and beyond.  However, technology is often misused to hurt others, and during stalking awareness month, we especially want to bring people’s attention to ways in which it can be used to monitor others in unhealthy and sometimes dangerous ways.  

January is Stalking Awareness Month. In recognition of the danger presented by technology, The Retreat’s interns will be highlighting different online platforms. But first, what do we mean by “Intentional Tech?” 

At The Retreat, Intentional Tech means:

  • Using technology, including social media, digital communication platforms, gaming and other technology in a way that is thoughtful and thought-through.
  • Bringing awareness of the ways that technology can be used for good and also used to harm others.
  • Assessing the impact of using digital platforms on yourself and others.
  • Setting your own digital boundaries and at the same time respecting other people’s boundaries.

Learn more at, follow @allagainstabuse or call The Retreat’s 24-Hour hotline at (631)329-2200.

The Retreat’s 24-hour multilingual hotline, 329-329-2200 is available to anyone who needs assistance. Please visit our Get Help page for information on all of our free and confidential services.

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