DV is the Leading Cause of Homelessness Among Women

by Ellie Kurrus Can you imagine having to make a choice between staying in your home with an abusive partner or homelessness? This is the decision many survivors of domestic violence experience every day. Perpetrators of domestic violence tend to use violence to gain control and power over their partner. In addition to physical abuse, […]

Abuse is NOT a Black Eye

How do you know if you, or someone you love, are being abused?  Abuse can come in all forms and is not strictly defined as physical violence- that is, it’s not just a bruise or a black eye. New York state defines a domestic violence survivor as someone whose current or former intimate partner does […]

Hotline: Not Just For Those Who Want To Leave

For many people who might be in abusive relationships, taking the step to call a domestic violence hotline number might save their lives. But they don’t need to be at a breaking point or experiencing a life-threatening crisis to make the call. (In fact, if they are in extreme danger, they should call 911 before […]

Why Purple?

Have you ever wondered why domestic violence agencies across the United States uniformly use the color purple to bring awareness to their cause?  Different organizations use unique colors to highlight and market what they champion. Breast cancer uses pink, Livestrong cancer survivors wear yellow, domestic violence uses purple. Why purple?  For starters, it’s the color […]