Bloomin’4 Good Bouquets

Look for the Red Dot throughout March at East Hampton Stop & Shop.

Show your love throughout the month of March by giving those you love, and yourself, one of these beautiful bouquets.

For each Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquet sold at the East Hampton Stop & Shop during the month of March, The Retreat will receive a donation of $1.

This in-store donation program works to provide 10+ meals with every floral bouquet sold. Each time a shopper purchases the $10.99 Bloomin’ 4 Good Bouquet with the red circle sticker at the East Hampton Stop & Shop during March 2023, The Retreat will receive a $1 donation.

But what does The Retreat have to do with hunger?

For many survivors, food insecurity was already an issue before the pandemic. There is a strong connection between domestic violence and food insecurity.

Healing from traumatic domestic violence can, and will, only begin once survivors are able to attain a physically safe home where they can live without hunger, homelessness, or abuse.

The Retreat plays a critical role in helping the most marginalized families find and maintain safety and stability. We have always had clients who struggle to afford or access food while escaping abusive relationships. Help us to help them.