Shelter Senior Advocate-Nights & Weekends

Job Summary

The Shelter Senior Advocate assists in the supervision of The Retreat’s 24-hour domestic violence crisis shelter on nights and weekends.

The highest degree of care and confidentiality around our adult and child clients is required.


  • Organization of food at the shelter including weekly menus, storage, cooking safety, and proper food handling. Monitor food allergies and ensure that staff is aware of concerns and needs.
  • Management of chore assignments for residential clients.
  • Overseeing the monthly staff schedule including management of time off requests.
  • Emergency on-call coverage two weeks per month including covering shifts if needed.
  • Communicate with Assistant Director regarding crisis, problems, and staff issues.
  • Ensure that proper wellness checks of clients and property are being performed as scheduled.
  • Monitor cleanliness, upkeep, safety needs, supplies, and needed repairs.
  • Oversee the storage of supplies and donations. Complete paperwork for disbursement of items to clients.
  • Oversee night and weekend staff in proper hotline processing including data entry. Answer and follow up with hotline calls as needed.
  • Implement enrichment and recreational programs on evenings and weekends.
  • Monitor logging of daily activities in log by night and weekend staff.
  • Coordinate with Assistant Shelter Director on needed trainings for night and weekend staff.
  • Participate in staff meetings and trainings.
  • Meet weekly with Assistant Shelter Director.
  • Monitor proper handling of motel sheets by night and weekend staff.
  • Cover holidays if during regular schedule.


  • High school diploma accepted, degree preferred
  • Bilingual preferred
  • Fluent in Word, Excel, and Google Docs
  • Must be empathetic and able to handle crisis situations
  • Must be able to multitask and take initiative
  • Must have good organizational and time management skills
High school diploma, degree preferred
Requirement Skills

Email your resume and cover letter to
The Retreat’s Human Resources department.

Employment Type
Full Time
East Hampton

Retreat Inc. (“The Retreat”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The agency values and is committed to providing compassionate, empathic and culturally aware services to all clients and members. Interactions are approached with these values in mind, and it is expected that clients and members will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity during the provision of holistic, inclusive and welcoming services.

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