Human Resources Assistant (part-time)

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting with the administrative daily duties of the Human Resources department. Assists with the implementation of services, policies, and programs to help maintain a safe, positive work environment. Responsible for carrying out responsibilities related to employment, departmental development, employee relations, organizational development, training and development, compensation, and benefits.


Specific responsibilities include

  • organizing and maintaining employee personnel records,
  • creating and posting open job positions,
  • supporting the Human Resources Coordinator with recruiting and interviewing applicants,
  • responding to employee and management inquiries,
  • updating the department databases,
  • documenting and tracking Human Resources actions.

This position reports to the Human Resources Coordinator.


Excellent computer skills, proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
One year administrative experience in a Human Resources environment preferred.
Positive and friendly attitude.

Requirement Skills
Employment Type
East Hampton

Retreat Inc. (“The Retreat”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The agency values and is committed to providing compassionate, empathic and culturally aware services to all clients and members. Interactions are approached with these values in mind, and it is expected that clients and members will be treated with compassion, respect and sensitivity during the provision of holistic, inclusive and welcoming services.

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